Dewey Cannabis Co.

Welcome back to Jet Cannabis Budtender Review. We have a brand new farm for us, actually a new farm for the industry that, been delivering here for a couple of weeks. It’s called Dewey Cannabis out of Pullman, Washington. First strain we got up was Flora d’Explora, it’s a sativa hybrid. And then we have Honeycomb, take a look at some of the trichomes on that Honeycomb. Then we’re going to have White Cap. Smoked White Cap last night, nice and moist grinded up in the ground, inside of the grinder. A nice stony high. And then we have Raindance, which is going to be a hybrid indica, and you can see the bud in there. Come check it out at Jet Cannabis, the brand new farm, high quality, small batch cannabis. 11325 Evergreen Way (Highway 99), Everett, WA 98204, or

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