New This Week at Jet Cannabis

New Infused Pre Roll from FIRE 5 pack and 10 pack, $20 and $35

New Infused Pre Roll from Ooowee 1g, $12-Distillate, Concentrates and Kief Infused

Hygge Flower featuring strains Glaciers, Galactic Runtz, and Raunchy Runtz, 3.5g-14g ($40-$150)

Uno Mas 3.5g, 7g and 28g-Ice Cream Cake, Strawberry banana, Blueberry Muffins

RSO Edibles from Sweet Nirvana-Jam Rocks (hard candy) and Groovy Chews (gummies)

New Strains from High Tide-Tumz, G Dust and Unicorn Factory.

New Drops from Dutch Bros, Ooowee, High Tide, K-Savage, Good Earth and Dank Czar

Every Day a different deal for you. Also, ask your bud tender about the best loyalty program available. Earn up to 30% off (3000 points, 10 points for every dollar spent).

30% OFF Daily Deals

Sunday-Pre Roll, Infused Pre Roll, Pre Roll Packs

Monday-Flower and Wellness

Tuesday-Pre Rolls and featured Farm

Wednesday-Concentrates and Vapes

Thursday-Edibles and Beverages


Saturday-Concentrates and Vapes

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